9 Things to Know About Credit Repair Houston

Bad credit can hinder you from accessing home loans, car loans and any other financial help. Most lending institutions use your credit score to decide if they can lend you money or to set the rates for their products and services. People with low credit history seek to improve their credit rating through credit repair services Houston TX to get access to finances without parting with hefty charges on fees and rates. When evaluating best options for credit repair, the facts below will guide your decisions:

1. You can repair credit yourself

Consumers often think they have to engage a credit repair Houston specialist to mend their credit. It is true that credit repair Houston TX companies can be an option for some, but credit repair is something you can do yourself. A lot of information is available through books and over the internet regarding credit repair. You can use this knowledge to learn and understand the way credit works and the procedures to follow in order to fix your own credit.

Getting rid of inaccurate information can be done using techniques such as debt validation, goodwill letters, pay for delete and credit report disputes.

Most of these strategies are implemented by credit repair firms to have inaccurate information removed from your reports. Repairing credit yourself saves you money and also empowers you on how to control your credit history.

2. Credit repair has never been about credit score, but about the credit reports.

Credit repair Houston TX is carried out to improve the information contained in the credit report. This information influences whether you have good or bad credit, which is the basis of your credit rating.

Before starting to work on your credit, get copies of your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. From the reports, you can highlight the details that are hurting your credit.

3. Your credit score depicts your credit situation

Credit rating is based on one’s payment history, the age of credit history, the amount of debt owed, types of credit accounts and the recent credit applications made. When these areas are improved through credit repair Houston, your credit score will also rise. To monitor credit, you can use free credit score services such as Credit Sesame and Credit Karma.

4. Removing accurate negative details on credit reports is not easy

Credit bureaus are legally mandated to remove inaccurate information from the credit reports, whether they are negative or positive. But if the negative information hurting your credit is accurate, it is not easy to remove it. The credit reporting agencies have a right to report the information. The integrity of the credit system is totally dependent on the accurate information reported by the bureaus, even if it’s negative.

5. Not doing anything is also a strategy

Negative information can only remain on the credit reports for seven years. Other information like unpaid tax liens and chapter 7 bankruptcy stays for ten years. If your account is approaching its credit reporting time limit, you can wait for it to fall and spare yourself the stress of disputing it or using other strategies. Acting on a negative account through credit repair services Houston TX does not really extend its credit reporting time limit.

6. Closing existing accounts may hurt your score

Closing an account does not remove it from the credit report. Its details will remain listed on the reports as reported by creditors. Before closing some of your accounts, try to consider its credit history and the impact it has had on your scores. If the account has shown positive behavior for a period of time, closing it will not help. Leaving it open helps to repair credit and improve your credit score. It is better to rehabilitate existing accounts that open new ones.

7. Not all credit repair firms are trustworthy

Most credit repair Houston firms make promises they cannot fulfill and charge upfront fees but still fail to deliver results.  To know that you are dealing with a scam, they will ask you to pay them upfront, claim they have a connection with the credit bureaus or government, and promise to raise your credit score to a specific rate. They will also assure you that they will delete accurate details from your reports but fail to tell you that you can do it yourself under the law.

8. Credit repair results take time

To rebuild bad credit takes time. An excellent credit history contains lots of positive credit information that is recent with a minimum number of negative entities. Making on-time payments for a few months may not produce results right away but will be a good step. With time, all the negative information will slowly disappear, and your credit will improve.

Credit repair varies with every person, and so it requires patience. Sometimes your credit score may fluctuate during the process, but that is normal.

9. Good financial habits can improve credit rating

To maintain a good credit standing, you have to exercise good financial habits. By borrowing what you can pay and paying bills on time boosts your credit rating while giving lenders a good impression that you can be trusted with their money.


Improving your credit score through credit repair Houston is the only way to live a healthy financial life. Maintaining a good credit score helps you to enjoy reasonable fees and rates on any financial products such as loans and mortgages. In order to achieve this, you have to be disciplined in both borrowing and spending. We are here to offer you our advice, guidance, and other credit repair services. Please talk to us for a free quote.