How to Fix Bad Credit on Your Own

Probably, you haven’t found the best credit repair provider for your needs or their fees seem prohibitive. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your bad credit Houston. Yu may not be a credit repair specialist, but with following tips, you should be able to see a boost in your credit score after sometime.

Understand your credit standing

Before embarking on repairing your bad credit Houston, ensure that you have copies of your credit reports. You can get these reports from the three credit bureaus namely Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. One is entitled to receive free credit reports once every year, and you can visit or call 1-877-322-8228 for one. Note that other websites may charge you for the reports. Credit tracking apps such as Credit Sesame and Credit Karma can also help you understand your credit rating.

A good credit score is perceived to be between 700 and 740, and this can qualify you for excellent credit cards and low rates on mortgages.

Check the credit reports for errors and dispute them

After getting the three credit reports, analyze them for any erroneous information. You can challenge the incorrect details, if any, with your debtors, creditors or the credit bureaus.

Erroneous information may include your identity information such as the spelling of your name, your address, credit history, and social security number. 

Revise your outstanding debts, credit cards and any major purchases you made. If any of the items is questionable, highlight the inaccuracy and make a copy.

Collect all the information you may have as evidence such as purchase and payment receipts and bank statements and make copies of them. These will be presented as proof to the credit bureaus.

Next, you will write a letter just as the best credit repair company Houston TX would, to the particular credit reporting firm that shows the inaccuracy. Explain the error with the copy of the highlighted report as well as the supporting documents for verification. Always have a copy of every document you sent out for your reference. Reporting agencies often respond within 30 days after receiving your letter. At times you can call or email the credit bureaus about your complaint.

Watch your spending

Once you have cleaned the discrepancies on your credit reports, it is time to watch your spending, lest you fall back again.

It is vital that you start paying all the bills and credit card debts on time and avoid any credit applications in the meantime. Have a budget with that can help you to spend within your limit. Calculate your expenses from your income, evaluate your spending habits, and create a limit of what you can spend and stick with it.

Make timely payments for all bills

To fix your bad credit Houston, you have to start settling your monthly bills by making timely payments. Catch up with late bills as soon as you can because timely payments impact your credit score significantly.

Clear credit card balances

Pay down all the outstanding balances on your credit cards in installments, and they are cleared. Create a budget and make room for your credit card amount every month.

Understand your credit limits and ensure you stay within them when charging items. Credit bureaus usually analyze debt loads as a ratio, and you wouldn’t want to be maxed out. Never cancel any of your credit cards because the overall amount of all available credit often affects your credit rating even if you don’t owe anything.

Avoid acquiring new credit lines

New credit lines are very tempting, especially when your favorite store is offering incredible discounts on purchases.

Every time you apply for a new credit line, it reflects on your credit reports as a hard inquiry. If in two years you have multiple credit lines, your credit rating will get hurt, adding more burden to your efforts to get the best credit repair Houston. Inquiries affect your credit score, and they can delay your efforts of raising your credit score.

Final thoughts

Repairing credit yourself is a process that requires patience. Though it takes time, you can do it yourself and achieve better outcomes as long as you are disciplined. All the challenges you encounter will finally yield and earn you that car, home or mortgage you’ve been yearning for. You may not need the best credit repair company Houston TX, but we are here to guide you on the best procedures to follow when repairing credit yourself. Please contact us today for a free quote.